SQMS Certification

This area of the SQMS site takes you through the SQMS certification process. It is provided to help you organise and marshal your evidence in order to expedite the SQMS audit. It is the organisations responsibility to demonstrate to the auditor that they meet the SQMS standards and it is the organisation’s responsibility to maintain the SQMS standards in the interim years through a process of self-assessment and development planning.

An SQMS Certificate is valid for three years. In order for it to remain current organisations must conduct self-assessment and produce a development plan annually.

There are five stages to implementing and achieving SQMS certification within an organisation:

Step One

Contact your Local Enterprise Company (Scottish Enterprise / Highlands and Islands Enterprise ) about achieving SQMS certification. The full set of SQMS standards may be issued from your Local Enterprise Company. Alternatively you can view/down load the SQMS Standards in PDF format from this site.

Step Two

Carry out an internal quality audit to establish where your organisation stands against the standards. A framework for doing this is included in the SQMS manual.

Step Three

Collate and evaluate your audit findings and make recommendations for improvements which set out key action points in a development plan. Implement your development plan.

Step Four

Re-evaluate your organisation against the standards. If you now meet all the standards and have all the evidence, contact your Local Enterprise Company to arrange an external audit.

Step Five

An external SQMS auditor will visit your premises and confirm or otherwise your internal audit findings. If you are successful you will receive an SQMS certificate confirming you meet the national standard. This will prove to your clients, learners and competition that the training and education you offer is of the very best quality.