About the SQMS Standards Council

The SQMS Standards Council comprise representatives of the national partners and key stakeholders in Scotland. The council is fully committed to ongoing development of SQMS as a key means of ensuring continuous quality improvement in the supply of vocational education and training to meet the needs of businesses and learners.

  • The standards council meet four times a year to review and discuss SQMS issues. If you wish to raise an issue at the standards council meetings please forward details.
  • To ensure the continued development of SQMS in support of the delivery of high quality guidance and learning opportunities to meet market demands and the needs of learners/clients.
  • To ensure the dissemination of best practice and the pursuit of excellence.
  • To promote collaboration with other quality standards awarding organisations in order to maximise opportunities for quality improvement and cost effective audit.
  • To provide advice and guidance on policy and development of the standards and their application to Scottish Enterprise, Highlands and Islands Enterprise and SQMS Scotland.