Standards Overview

The Scottish Quality Management System is based on ten standards covering various areas relating to education and training provision. Although SQMS is set out in the manual as ten separate standards they are all inter-related with quality at the heart of the process. SQMS allows you to consider your education and training facilities in a structured way and give each set of criteria individual attention. It will help you expose any flaws in your procedures and can also help you develop and improve all aspects of the education and training you offer.

The organisation has a clear sense of purpose and direction.

The quality system ensures that clients’, learners’ and staff needs are met.

The needs of the organisation’s clients and learners are identified, its education and training services are effectively promoted and the needs of clients and learners satisfied.

The structure, level, and type of staffing is appropriate for the education and training services provided. Staff development provision meets the needs of both the organisation and the individual.

Equal opportunities are ensured for all clients, learners,and staff.

There is a safe and healthy environment for all learners, staff and visitors.

Communication and administration arrangements meet the needs of the organisation, external bodies, clients, learners and staff.

The needs of individual learners are identified, formulated,progress reviewed and support provided where needed.

Programme design is effective when the programme’s content and outcomes are relevant and encourage access. Programme delivery is effective when delivery methods are appropriate and varied, emphasise activity and responsibility and are responsive to the needs of the learner.

Assessment for certification confirms that the learner has achieved the standards required by the awarding body for the award.